You Don’t Have to Be Perfect to Be a Good Mom

What did you think of yesterday’s Mom Conference speakers on the topic of Connection Based Parenting?

I don’t know about you but it was certainly relevant to my situation with raising teenagers and a toddler: they all want connection!

So, with Day 1 down, we’re on a roll with Day 2 of the Mom Conference and this one hits close to home for me as well because raising teenagers and a toddler while managing my home AND growing my business can definitely feel overwhelming.

Today’s free keynote speakers for Mom Conference are:

Jodi Hildebrandt – A Complete Perspective Shifter When It Comes To Overwhelm And Mom Guilt


Ramona Zabriskie – How to Reduce Overwhelm By Increasing Emotional And Physical Intimacy in Marriage

PLUS a bonus interview with Robert Rassmussen – Everything A Mom Needs To Know About Sleep and Feeling Rested

If you haven’t signed up to receive your link so you can view these speakers free, it’s not too late!  You can register here.

PLUS you’ll get the exclusive opportunity to purchase a discounted package of a full line up of speakers along with some great resources to put what you learn into action around Overcoming Overwhelm, like:

  • Ashley Logsdon – Why Knowing Your Values Reduces Overwhelm
  • Liz Edmunds – A Meal Planning System For Even The Busiest Mom
  • Jordan Page – How To Get A Hold Of Your Finances And Teach Your Kids To Do The Same
  • Jenny Layton – How To Declutter and Stay That Way
  • Shonda Moralis – Do This First If You Are Overwhelmed
  • Saren Loosli – How To Create Family Systems To Keep You Sane

To find out more about these exclusive discounts, which are only available during the conference, click here

AND there’s more tomorrow!  We’ll be looking at Parenting in the Digital Age – smartphones, video games and how they impact your child’s brain.  Oh boy will this one be interesting.  Need I remind you I’m raising teenagers AND a toddler?

So, sign up today and let’s all work together to be the Moms we want to be!

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