What Are Parents to Do About Screentime?

Can you believe it’s already Wednesday?  I don’t know about you but this week seems to be passing quickly.  What do you love about the Mom Conference so far?

On Day 1 we learned about setting limits.  Children need this at every age, from toddlers to teenagers…trust me, I’m going through both phases in my home.  For us parents, setting limits shouldn’t be about US being in control but more about building RELATIONSHIP with our children.

Day 2 was all about OVERWHELM.  I know I’m not the only mom who feels this way at times, right?  Guess what?  That’s OKAY!

Now we’re on Day 3.  Today we’ll learn about Parenting in the Digital Age.

Our children have the wonder of technology at their fingertips. But how do all these devices impact their brain development and how can a parent regulate them?

Today’s free keynote speakers for Mom Conference are:

  • Victoria Dunkley – A 30 Day Plan To Reset Your Child’s Brain To Help End Meltdowns, and Boost Social Skills. 

She’ll dive into: what Electronic Screen Syndrome is and how it effects the nervous system, what type of screen time is most damaging (I was surprised by this one!) and much more.


  • Julia Storm and Abigail Wald – Tweens Plus Tech, What Moms Of Tweens Need To Know 

They’ll discuss why tweens are so unique and what is happening with them developmentally, what you should look out for with gaming, how to deal with kids’ mistakes online, and a big question many Moms are asking: Is it normal for tweens to pull away and do things we don’t know about?  (Lately I find myself asking this about my 12 year old daughter regularly.)

If you haven’t signed up to receive your link so you can view these speakers free, you can now by clicking here.

PLUS you’ll get the exclusive opportunity to purchase a discounted package of a full line up of speakers along with some great resources to put what you learn into action around Parenting in the Digital Age, including:

  • Kristen Jensen – How To Prepare Your Children To Thrive In A Daunting Digital World
  • Michael Gurian – Why Boys’ Brains LOVE Video Games
  • Delaney Ruston – Screenagers
  • Erica Komisar – Technology On The Developing Brain
  • Lisa Smith – Technology In The Home, A Collaborative Approach

Click here to find out more about these exclusive discounts, which are only available during the conference. 

AND there’s more tomorrow (we’ll be looking at Parenting a Child With Challenges)

So, sign up today and let’s all work together to be the Moms we want to be!

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