What About Parenting a Child with Challenges?

This week has been Ah-mazing!  I’ve taken so many notes from the speakers of the Mom Conference that are helping me with setting limits for my teens, tween and toddler.  I’ve been encouraged to connect with my husband to not feel so overwhelmed;  and I’ve learned tips for how to parent in the Digital Age.

Today is another topic that hits close to home for me.  A few years ago I was struggling with my oldest son’s behavior.  I figured it was just a phase.  But as time passed and the behavior continued, even escalated, I learned he struggles with ODD…Oppositional Defiant Disorder.   Thankfully we’ve come a long way in this journey, but not without challenges along the way.

All children have different strengths and weaknesses.  Today on the Mom Conference, we will be talking about specific tools and methods to help bring out the best sides of your child and minimize the challenging sides. We will dive into anxiety/depression, and neurological challenges.

Today’s FREE Keynote Speakers for the Mom Conference are:

  • Dr. Ross Greene — A Plan For Parenting Explosive Children That Works
    Dr. Ross says that challenging kids are challenging because they are lacking the skills to not be challenging.  He’ll talk about how to focus on what is causing the behavior and not the behavior itself. 
  • Dr. Jeffrey Knight — Nutrition For The Brain
    Dr. Knight will be sharing how our diet has a direct correlation with challenging behavior and how to improve brain health and functioning to improve challenging behavior.

It’s not too late, if you haven’t signed up to receive your link so you can view these speakers free!

PLUS you’ll get the exclusive opportunity to purchase a discounted package of a full line up of speakers along with some great resources to put what you learn into action around Parenting a Child With Challenges, including

  • Janine Halloran — The Most Effective Tool For Combatting Anxiety
  • Dr. David Burns — The 5 Secrets To Calm Any Conflict
  • Dr. Robert Mellilo — A New Way Of Looking at ADHD, Autism, OCD, Bipolar
  • Dr. Jacob Towery — Tools For Depression/Anxiety In Tweens and Teens
  • Dr. Jeffrey Lazarus — Effective Treatment for everything from bed wetting to tics

Find out more about these exclusive discounts, which are only available during the conference.

AND there’s a special free bonus tomorrow and Monday!

The Mom Conference will be holding 8 Facebook Live mini interviews in the Mom Conference Discussion Group on Friday morning from 10-12:30 and Monday from 10-2.

Here are a few of the speakers that will be joining the party!

  • Micheal Gurian
  • Patty Wipfler
  • Jenny Layton
  • Kristen Jenson

Sign up here to get a link to the private discussion group.

You can watch the replays if you can’t make the exact times they will be on!

So, sign up today and let’s all work together to be the Moms we want to be!

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