The Secret of Setting Limits for Kids

Today is a BIG day for Moms everywhere…it’s Day 1 of the Mom Conference 2018!

I attended my first Mom Conference in 2015 and was filled with so much valuable information that I still refer to my notes.  And trust me, I took plenty!  Aside from the awesome information was that I watched right from the comfort of my own home.  Life has changed for me quite a bit since 2015.  The children have grown, obviously, and we’ve welcomed a new addition to the family, our Rainbow Baby, in May of 2017.  So having two teenagers, one tween and a toddler, things can get pretty interesting around here.  One thing I find teens and tots have in common: testing their limits.  Boy am I ready for all the information and tips Mom Conference has in store this year cause I’m one mama that definitely could use it!

If you haven’t already you can sign up now, and you’ll get links to two amazing keynote speakers of the conference:

Dr. Laura Markham- A More Effective Way To Set Limits
She’ll be discussing:

  • How to set limits in a way that the child feels understood and begins to accept those limits.
  • Why it can be hard to set empathetic limits and what to do about it.
  • Role play of setting limits with all ages up to teenagers.

Julie King and Joanna Faber – How To Talk So Little Kids (and big kids) Will Listen
They’ll be discussing:

  • A trick that can help calm an angry toddler down.
  • What to do when your child wants something he/she can’t have.
  • How to problem solve ahead of time.
  • Some fun hacks for getting kids in the car, in their buckles, picking up toys, and transitioning.

PLUS you’ll get the exclusive opportunity to purchase a discounted package of a full line-up of speakers, along with some great resources to put what you learn into action around Connection Based Parenting, like:

Carol Tuttle
Dr. Dan Siegel
Patty Wipfler
Rich Chistiansen

AND there’s more tomorrow (all about combating overwhelm and Mom guilt – because we’ve all been there, right?).

So, sign up today and let’s all work together to be the Moms we want to be!

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