Have You Seen This?

The Mom Conference just announced a BIG surprise, and I wanted you to be one of the first to know.

The Mom Conference will be having 8 LIVE mini interviews today, Friday, October 5th and Monday, October 8th with some of their amazing speakers like:

• Kristen Jenson
• Jenny Layton
• Patty Wipfler
• Shonda Moralis
• Michael Gurian
• Ashley Logsdon
• Jeffrey Lazarus

and more!

To get the link to watch these interviews live (or catch the replays – available through next week, Tuesday, October 9th), sign up here

I’ll see you there!



P.S. – The Mom Conference has even more goodness in store with an encore day and a few bonus speakers next week, so be sure to sign up – the fun is not over yet!

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