(My Life is) Full of Grace is a family lifestyle blog written by Grace Doirin.

My Mission

(My Life is) Full of Grace shares glimpses of my life as a wife and mother, a little information, and a lot of inspiration, to meet your needs whether it’s family related in regards to marriage and parenting, or even a simple food recipe that becomes a favorite.  It is my desire that you walk away a little more full of grace, for yourself and for those around you. I want YOU to know what it feels like to abundantly experience God’s favor in YOUR life.

Everything shared here comes from personal experience, past or present, and even some hopeful ideas for the future.  When it comes to family life, being married with a blended family of seven, raising teenagers and a toddler, I seriously wouldn’t be able to make this stuff up! So grab your popcorn and get ready for an inside look at how you, too, can experience an abundant life full of grace.

My Story

Before you dive into (My Life), I want to prepare you for what you came here for. Take a look at some of my daily routines for managing my family life here.

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After you’ve taken a look at my routines, check out some of my favorite posts.

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It would be rude to send you on your way without introducing myself.  My name is Grace Doirin. As I mentioned earlier, I’m blessed to be married with a blended family of seven children, including our angel baby who lives in our hearts.  I am a former social worker turned licensed cosmetologist, driven by a passion for helping others. I initially started my beauty blog, Reflexions of Grace, to share tips beyond my position behind the chair.  I soon realized I had so much more to share, so while giving glimpses into my daily focuses, challenges and accomplishments, (My Life is) Full of Grace quickly came about.

Meet the Family

These are the people nearest and dearest to me...the one's behind my writings...the ones who inspire me to keep going.
They are my "Why?"

It's a family thing.


Mother & COO

Established 1982 in Philadelphia, PA to Puerto Rican parents.


Father + CEO

Established 1984 in New York, NY to Haitian parents.

The Crew


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